State B/C Swim

2018 GRPA BC State Meet Event Files
 - Cumming Aquatic Center Class A GRPA State
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GRPA Athletic Manual  -  2018 Athletic Manual
All GRPA District Swim Meets must be conducted between the dates of June 22nd - July 9th, 2018.

Pool will open for Warmup and Set up on Thursday Afternoon. Tift County and TCRD are not responsible for tents or personal belongings.

Youth coaches must be certified by one of the following programs:

NYSCA- swimming(must have part 1 of regular certification program and an approved syllabus and instructor for part two. NYSCA Swimming cannot be done online and takes time to have class approved.), ACEP, GHSA, US SWIMMING or American Red Cross Safety Training for Swim Coaches in conjunction with any nationally recognized life guard certification program (2016),NCAA COACHES, ASCA (certification for summer league coaches) or staff member (2017).

NO PARKING IN SENIOR CENTER PARKING LOT when barricades are present.
This is not County Property. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
1.       Meet Summary and Entry per team.
2.       GRPA rosters from each team. Team rosters must be on GRPA  Roster with new format
          with numbered lines and concussion statement.
3.       Birth Certificates scanned and then email to me.  You can mail or hand deliver the
          originals (need copies prior to arrival so we can check folks in properly.)  
4.       Forward this email to teams.
5.       The meet Event file above will need to be imported into team manager after you import
          your district results. Make sure you select add new swimmers and teams or names will
          not be present.
6.       Will need a backup of District Swim Meet – electronic file from Meet Manager
7.       Pdf of District Results
8.       Pdf of meet entries from District using State Event file above
9.       Electronic meet entries – make sure all relay names are included with alternates listed.
10.     Only top three advance to state - Make sure if you have any scratches from District to
          State the next place person knows to come if you enter them as top three.
Call me if needed. 229-383-3262 x 5206 – I have voice mail in case I cannot answer the phone.

Warm up times will be distributed after I know how many teams and have entries finalized.
Tips about Hy-tek and Team Manager import/export process.
 Create new file in team manager. Import your meet results with new athletes/swimmers so you can select from them. Import your meet events I just sent. Import Meet Event file, enter your entries in Team Manager, then Export and Send me meet entry files from District. Also need pdf copies.. Look back at your swim hand out the last few pages.  Inserted below also.
 If you have the BC’s electronically you can email them to me. If not can you scan and email? If answer is no them priority mail them to me. Without priority it may take 10 days or so with new mail system. I would love to get them prior to the meet. I DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE THEM Sat Night. They can come on Monday. Sat I need Hy-Tech Files, PDF results, Team entry sheet Summaries if possible.
 Hy-Tek Entries for 2018 GRPA State Swim Meets
  1. Go Team Manager and Open a new file called GRPA 2018
  2. Download the entire GRPA district results into the file. Make sure and check, add new swimmers and teams.
  3. Then download meet events for GRPA state meet into the team manager file.
  4. Then do your entries BY EVENT and click on the top three swimmers/relays that will be attending the state meet.
  5. Compare your printed district results with your entries before you send them in.
  6. When you are completed with the GRPA File go back under file on the opening page of Team Manager and click on open/new. Open your team file and you are back where you started.

2018 GRPA BC State Swim Mandatory Meeting/Webinar Information:  

Subject: 2018 GRPA Swim and Track Webinar/Meeting Information 

Good Afternoon Agency Directors & Swim Personnel,

The Georgia Recreation and Park Association member agencies are required to attend mandatory Swimming and Track Meetings for the current year which their teams plan to compete in District and State. All participating agencies are required to attend one of the three statewide meetings to cover the rules and regulations for the state swimming or track meet. Agencies that do not attend must pay a fine of $200 to the GRPA office. In an effort to assist Agencies that continue to compete from one year to the next, the SAC host Sites and the GRPA Professional Development Committee are launching several online webinars to assist members in meeting this requirement. The first of these meetings has been scheduled. If the participant/s log out early they will not receive credit for attending.
As GRPA advertises the online webinars, they will be targeting Agencies in GRPA who continually participate in Swimming or Track. Webinars will include SEPARATE SESSIONS for both Track and Swimming. Those agencies that register for the GRPA SAC Webinars to meet the mandatory meeting compliance in regards to Track and Swimming for GRPA will be sent the presentations once we have received the GoToMeeting Report and determined who actively participated. IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR BOTH TRACK & SWIMMING MEETING ATTENDANCE, BOTH WEBINARS AND/OR PHYSICAL MEETINGS FOR EACH SPORT WILL NEED TO BE ATTENDED. It is highly recommended you have your team’s coach(es) attend as well.

The webinars are scheduled to last approximately 1 ½ hours with an additional 30 minutes for questions and answers (Overall time roughly 2 hrs. with Questions). State Host and GRPA SAC staff will be available to answer questions.



1. Enter First Name: (ex. Craig)
2. Enter Last Name + Org: (ex. Sowell-Tift County)
Webinar must be on your front screen to show present; you must remain on phone to show present.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

View System Requirements



Join us for a webinar on Apr 26, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT. Register now!

Join us for a webinar on May 08, 2018 at 10:00 AM EDT. Register now!

Join us for a webinar on May 24, 2018 at 2:00 PM EDT. Register now!


GRPA MANDATORY SWIMMING -PHYSICAL MEETING                                                                                                       

  1.  Thursday, June 7th, 2018 at 1:00 pm, Site #1:  Tift County Recreation Department, TCRD Office, 401 Victory Drive N Tifton, GA 31794.   Contact:  Craig Sowell, . 229-388-2599 (cell) / 229-382-3262 (office)
  2. Thursday, June 7th, 2018 at 1:00 pm, Site #2:  Cumming Aquatic Center, 201 Aquatic Circle Cumming GA 30040 Contact: Carla Wilson,  404-597-0250 (cell) / 770-781-1781 (office)


Speakers for the online webinars/sessions and live sessions will include the Current GRPA Chairman, State hosts for State Swim Meet Hosts. The webinars are scheduled to last approximately 1-1 ½ hours with an additional 30 minutes for questions and answers (overall time roughly 2 hours with questions).

Thank you for your patience as GRPA helps enhance your educational opportunities via the web.


  1. Mute your phones.  Ask questions at the end of the presentation or use the Chat Feature.
  2. In order to get credit, you must stay on the webinar for 45 minutes minimum and GoToMeetings must be at the front of your computer screen or else the report collected at the conclusion of the presentation will show that you were not present for any time when GTM is behind other items (email, etc.).
  3. If you call on your phone and log in to your computer and then exit from one device, GTM will show that you are not present.  You must stay logged in to both devices. 
  4. Webinar registration info to be distributed by Networks/Districts.


Special Webinar Instructions:

  • You will be asked to enter your first name, last name and email address. To ensure you are given credit for attending the webinar please enter your department after your last name (ie: FN - Craig LN - Sowell - Tift County).