About Us

The Tifton-Tift County Animal Shelter was constructed in 2001; it is a joint City-County facility. In 2004, we combined four ordinances into one that is still intact today. Animal Control Officers patrol the cities of Tifton, Omega, Ty Ty and all of the unincorporated areas of Tift County.

We recently established a 501 c Corp. entitled" Save Our Pets, Inc." that allows us to receive grants to assist with Spay and Neuter clinics that will be offered to the public.

Along with the other services that are performed on a daily basis at the shelter, we provide a special service for those pet owners who may not be ready to let their beloved pet go. We offer a cremation service in collaboration with our local veterinary offices at:
Branch's Veterinary Clinic
Quailwood Animal Hospital
You can contact your local Veterinary Clinic or the shelter for more information on this service.