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Emergency Management Agency

Tift County Emergency Management Agency’s mission is to provide a comprehensive and aggressive all-hazards approach to mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and special events. Our mission is to protect life and property and prevent or reduce the negative impact of natural and man-made events in Tift County.

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Tift County Emergency Management Agency focuses on preventing hazards from occurring, whether they are natural, technological, or caused by humans. While All Hazards are not preventable, we can reduce the risk of loss of life and injury through planning and education.

Hazard Mitigation is defined as "any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from hazard events." It is a continuous process that occurs before, during, and after disasters and serves to break the cycle of damage and repair in hazardous areas. In cooperation with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, we have developed comprehensive, federally approved hazard mitigation plans and projects to protect people and property from exposure to natural hazards.

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Tift County Emergency Management Agency develops and maintains a comprehensive emergency plan to ensure mitigation and preparedness, appropriate response, and timely recovery from natural and man-made hazards that may affect residents of Tift County. Citizens can assist with community preparedness by becoming informed and preparing themselves and their families for emergencies. In the event of a disaster citizens should be prepared to cope with the incident until help arrives. Information on how to better prepare you and your family for disasters can be obtained by visiting websites such as:


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During significant emergency events requiring multiple agency involvement, the Emergency Management Agency is responsible for activating the Emergency Operations Center or “EOC” and coordinating the response.

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It can take years for a community to recover from a disaster, and Emergency Management is there every step of the way. Recovery consists of activities that continue beyond the emergency period to restore critical community functions and begin managing stabilization efforts. The recovery phase begins immediately after the threat to human life has subsided.

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Sirens are an outdoor warning system designed only to alert those who are outside that dangerous weather is approaching. When severe weather threatens and outdoor warning sirens are activated, citizens should take shelter indoors on the lowest level of the structure and seek additional information on the radio (local or NOAA Weather Radio) or television.
Tift County tests sirens 2nd Tuesday of every month.

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