Mosquito Prevention

Many mosquito problems are usually from water-filled containers that you can help to eliminate, thus helping control the mosquito population in your neighborhood. ALL mosquitoes require water in which to breed. The smallest amount or containers that collect water can breed hundreds to thousands of mosquitoes. By eliminating any standing water around your home or your surrounds you are helping to eliminate the breeding of mosquitoes.

Always remember the 3 D’s of protection from mosquitoes.

  • Drain ALL standing water:
  • Dispose of any old tires- they can breed thousands of mosquitoes.
  • Drill holes in bottom of recycling containers
  • Clear roof gutters of debris
  • Clean your outside pet water dishes on a daily bases
  • Repair leaky outdoor faucets
  • Change the water in your bird baths or fountains at least once a week
  • Canoes, other types of boats, tarps and small pools should be dumped and turned over 

Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing. Some mosquito species are attracted to dark clothing and some can bite through tight-fitting clothes.

  • Choose a mosquito repellent that has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide)
  • Picaridin (KBR 3023)
  • Oil of lemon eucalyptus (p-methane 3.8-diol, or PMD)

You may obtain a ready-to- use granular larvicide product to help prevent adult mosquitoes at the Tift County Road Department between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The product will be effective for 45 days in normal environmental conditions. The Tift County Road Department is located at 2011 Whiddon Mill Road. For more information you may call 229-382-5248.