Delinquent Tax Sales Information: Quick Facts


* Tax sales will be conducted in the manner of public auction.

* These are buyer beware sales! There are no guarantees neither expressed nor implied.

* We suggest you do not purchase property without having seen the property.

* Bidding on a piece of property is a binding agreement between the Levying Authority and the bidder/purchaser. Once the Levy Officer recognizes a bid, it is the considered an official bid (and a binding agreement).

* The opening bid will include all applicable taxes, penalties and costs.

* The time to remit payment will be determined the day of the sale. The form of payment must be cash, money order or certified check.

* The Levy Officer will execute a Sheriff's Tax Deed (after the sale) and will have the deed properly recorded. The tax deed is not a fee simple deed. It is the purchaser's responsibility to check the validity of title to the property. The mailing address given at the time of purchase will be the address used to mail deed and all future tax notice.

* State law prohibits the purchaser from taking possession and/or trespassing prior to twelve (12) months from the sale date. Twelve (12) months after the sale date, the purchaser may forever "bar" or "foreclose" the right of redemption.

* The purchaser will be responsible for any future assessments and property taxes as they may become due.

* At the discretion of the Levy Officer, Certain properties for which no minimum bid is received may be re-offered following our regular sale.

* No information provided is to be considered legal advice. CONSULT AN ATTORNEY.

* Municipal Tax Sales follow the same procedures as County Tax Sales.